Download Codeigniter sign up and login script with basic security and session system.

Hey friends ,

                      Codeigniter is major php framework used to build php websites and admin panel and other web based software.Codeigniter comes with very useful libraries and helper .

                     It is easy to install and use. Just extract the codeIgniter in your  project directory (i.e.for wamp "www/yourproject" , for cpanel:"public_html/ ", for xampp: "htdocs/yourproject" )and start using it . 

                     Download our latest Codeigniter sign up and login script made with Bootstrap ,Jquery,Mysql database.It comes with basic user authentication and session system. User can register their account,edit and also can delete own account  from this script.

            Click here to downlaod login srcipt LOGIN/SIGNUP CODEIGNITER SCRIPT        

Installation instruction:-

1.unzip file in your htdocs or web document root directory. contains a sql file ,create a database "register" in your db and import the sql file. can create user by "REGISTRATION FORM " section or login from "LOGIN FORM" section.

4.default user name and password for login is "admin","admin" are all done.

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